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[CE] TheRiffonAssasin by awesqmecat
[CE] TheRiffonAssasin
first of the 'warmup' commissions! ;w; thank you for being patient with me hh

as for the internet: we kinda got it working, but it's REALLY slow ;o; but hopefully it still works when i come back from school nwn;;
(seriously; i was worried this wasn't gonna go up bc of how slow it is and i'm leaving now)

anyway, here is the first triptych sushi dog cheeb commission that i've done! ;o; it's for TheRiffonAssassin, of their pride oreo sushi dogs! >w<
because i used warm colors for the overlay, i hope it still looks nice enough because their fur looks more brown than grey. if you want me to change it so it's cool colors, just ask! (also, i hope their bellies/tails look accurate enough because of that ; w ; )

although these took awhile, i'm finally done with them! they're really cute and nice to draw, so i hope i did them justice nwn

i hope you like it! thank you for commissioning me <3

characters belong to TheRiffonAssassin This is for their use only!
art made by me (awesqmecat)
[Gift] Moon Gummy Cat by awesqmecat
[Gift] Moon Gummy Cat
Gift for MizAmy! ;o; drew this yesterday nwn;

i happened to have a ref of this guy around (i drew the snow cone cat previously, i guess i just never got rid of it hah) and since I didn't have much else to draw (i didn't have the ref for the commissions yet) i drew this guy ;v;

not much to say,just want to get this posted before i get back home otl
i hope you like it! ^v^

character belongs to MizAmy
art by me (awesqmecat)
hey guys! ;w; just an update OTL
so, for some reason, my internet has totally stopped working?? the server's down or something id k,,,
if you're wondering how i typed this, I'm at my local starbucks! (bless) but i'm unsure how long it'll take till i'll get my normal internet back ;n;

i'm going to reply to the people who asked for cheebs, and then draw them (if they're still interested) however if the internet still is out i'll likely have to come back here to post it :/
anyway, thanks for sticking with me guys! ;w; i'll try to update again soon!
hi everyone! ;w; i'm going to be doing two 'warm-up' chibi commissions, because i think i'm going to try and open them again for this weekend and i haven't drawn these in awhile hah

examples; [CO] Vodka Sushi Dog by awesqmecat[CO] Gummy Shark Sailor by awesqmecat

anyway, i will only be taking one of these commissions for any feral species (cat, dog, sushi dog, w/e) for 100:points: ;v;
i also want to try and draw a try triptych sooshi dog, since i've never done that in this style, so i think i will one commission for that, but for 200:points:. (since it's three sushi dogs)

this will most likely be first come first serve, however i won't be able to respond to any comments until later tonight (late afternoon?) bc school. I will also try to get them done today if anyone is interested, but no promises!

I want people to pay before i start the commission, so unless you can get them quickly, i want people to have the points so i can start right away. (since these are just 'warm-up' ones, no holds or anything like that hh)

(also, i will be raising the base price next time i open these, since i think it's unfair to myself to do a complicated character and a simple character for the same amount. ;w; although i have an idea, suggestions are greatly appreciated!)

i think that's all! ;v; thanks guys!
nn by awesqmecat
anther mouse pixel! ;w;  i played with a lot of overlay for this one haha

als o, this was originally the sketch for this, but i ended up just cleaning up the lines and using it hh-

this sushi dog is owned by me (awesqmecat, and i made the art (-obviously but)
sushi dogs and design were made by witchpaws

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Cinnanam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Fnaf I'm horrified the let's plays are cr azy 
OrangeMouse Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
cute art <3
awesqmecat Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
thank you so much!! /;;w;/
OrangeMouse Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
np <3
Cinnanam Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
awesqmecat Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Cinnanam Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
TheRiffonAssassin Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aw gosh your  art (especially those cute lil cheebs) are super duper cute I can't wait for commissions to be open again <3
awesqmecat Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
aaa thank you so much!! /;;w;/ I really appreciate it hh;  ; Emoji04 
it depends on irl stuff, but I'll probably open them for this weekend! uwu
aggronite Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Nice art! <3
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